We created an identity for a nutrition and wellness brand, with a vision to help people lead healthy lifestyles.

Utmost is a start-up that is focused on helping people make smarter, more informed choices around their personal health, with an eye toward creating sustainable practices and routines that lead to better overall wellness. A key aspect of Utmost is to educate people and organizations on how smart decisions around personal health also positively impact the health of the planet. The founder was seeking a brand identity that could translate across all communications; mainly for digital and a mobile app.

A brand identity was created that emphasizes connecting, energy and forward thinking. The identity was applied to the design of a mobile app, website, business card and marketing collateral. Brand guidelines were also delivered to describe the color palette, typefaces, gradients, photography style and patterns.

Brand identity
Brand guidelines
Marketing communications
Mobile app design concept
Social media design
Web design concept