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We collaborate, communicate and create.


We love working with hospitality and visionary businesses who are starting, refreshing or expanding their brand.

Our customized approach addresses concept, culture and capital—the three core elements that make your brand successful. To get you there, we start with a strategic plan that identifies where you want your brand to be and how to make it happen. Next, we address every touch point—from identity and design, to marketing and social media, to your tangible space and interior design, to delivering the goods and maintaining your brand’s success for your customers and internal culture.


Consider working with us if you are:

  • Seeking a strategy for your brand.

  • Launching a new brand or venue.

  • Looking for ways to re-ignite your brand.

  • Wanting to keep current customers and attract new ones.

  • Expanding your business.

  • Introducing a new product or service.

  • Wanting to attract top talent in a competitive space.

We’d love to help!

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1 Plan for success

To have a successful brand, first we need to identify it. Whether it’s a goal of a project, or your big picture vision, knowing what you want, what your customers want, and why, will set you down the right path.

We have an interview session with you and follow up with a written brief that states your objectives; defines your brand story; identifies your customers and competition; sketches a visual image of your brand; and pinpoints opportunities and a plan to move forward.

2 Create your brand

This is where we bring your brand to life through visual design. We offer customized, design services across all touch points—from your logo to your website to your space.

Did you know that your brand identity is the core of your creative communications? Everything from the logo, fonts and colors; to messaging, to photography style and materials, to brand guidelines build the foundation of your visual brand identity.

We can help you drive your brand to market through digital and traditional applications—projects may include a responsive website and social media, mobile apps, newsletters and promotions, and advertising and collateral.

Your physical space and tangible items create and complete the brand experience. Interior design, exterior signage, menu design, product packaging, designed apparel, presentations and exhibits, all define your brand style and signature.


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3 Launch and expand

We deliver and manage the design process of your brand to ensure quality, timeliness, and budget requirements are met to launch the best brand experience across communications and your space. 

We are happy to continue to provide creative services and resources as your brand expands and evolves, to attract and retain customers and top talent, and to stay competitive.

We offer customized services

Brand identity systems
Brand messaging + tone of voice
Brand guidelines
Brand implementation

Digital + web communications
Interiors + environments
Print communications
Social media

Creative direction
Project management  

Please read our FAQs for more information

Karin and the team have excellent design skills. I appreciate their patience and thoroughness to work out solutions. They created wonderful designs for our online presence, marketing and PR communications and ecommerce retail collection that expanded the brand. They were also able to excel under pressure and tight deadlines.
— Laurent Halasz, Founder of Fig & Olive