Hoxton Gin
A name, brand identity and packaging were developed for this London gin. Today, the gin continues to fly off the shelves.

Hoxton Gin was created by Gerry Calabrese, London’s celebrated mixologist and owner of The Hoxton Pony, a popular club in London's East End. Having worked with Calabrese on promotional materials for The Hoxton Pony, we were commissioned to create a brand identity and packaging design for the new gin.

Before starting any design work, we took a step back and questioned the working name, “Gerry’s Gin”. The name wasn’t speaking to the hip, sophisticated target market. To align with the London club and the area, we proposed “Hoxton Gin”. The name was embraced and we then developed the brand identity to also align with the Hoxton Pony’s look and feel. The packaging design used bold graphics and a bright yellow accent color to emphasize the zesty grapefruit and coconut ingredients.

Hoxton Gin continues to be popular across the UK and Europe.

Brand identity
Packaging design