table and chairs

We come to the table for conversation, collaboration, collecting ideas and creating solutions. From dining tables, conference tables, worktops, turn tables, and digital tablets, the table encompasses all things and serves as a core for communicating with each other. We work with
businesses who are serious about brand building to start-ups who are serious about having a brand. Our focus is on services with a niche
in hospitality. What connects us to different clients is our core offer: we create and grow brands across visual communications. From print to digital to interior spaces, we are passionate about creating simple, useful and beautiful designs that deliver meaningful brand experiences. 


Karin Loglisci (pronounced lo•li•shi) is Founder and Managing Principal of CreativeTable. Karin has experience working with established branding agencies including Siegel + Gale, MetaDesign, Futurebrand and Fitch; internal marketing groups; and as an independent consultant. She has lived and worked in New York, London and Europe and gathers inspiration and ideas from these international locations.

Karin is passionate about creating clever, simple, useful and beautiful designs that form a big idea and pay attention to details; she believes that design makes a difference in how well we live our lives. She connects her interests and passions into the key offer of her business: design and branding for services. 

Karin holds a B.F.A. in Visual Communications from Carnegie-Mellon, and a M.S. in Design Management from Pratt. She also earned a diploma in Interior Design from The Interior Design School, London.

Karin loves to travel and often collaborates with a network of colleagues around the globe. She has a dual citizenship from the UK and enjoys spending time at her townhouse in Todi, Italy.