At the Table

Our concept of creativity, conversation and community is ever evolving. How we work, socialize, experience and spend our time each day can be very different from each other yet surprisingly similar; most of us connect through and around surfaces – technological devices and tangible tables where we work, create, eat and share.

At the Table is a quarterly issue where we feature colleagues, clients, and professionals in our community to capture a glimpse of how they spend a day doing what they love to do at their "table".

Kristie Lee Photographer

Kristie Lee is based in New York and shoots from her studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. While traveling to many locations, Los Angeles & Sydney are also home for this award winning international photographer. She is passionate about capturing animals and their owners, using fashion, architecture and urban backgrounds to create portraits to treasure forever. Kristie also specializes in creating portraits for professionals, who want to visually show their unique service and brand to the world.

Upon completing the design of Kristie's website, I enjoyed interviewing her to find out what inspires her work and how she creates her award-winning photography on a typical day.