212 brewing company

212 Brewing Company

In 2013, we worked with an entrepreneur who had a vision of a creating a New York craft beer called "212". The name (which is the original telephone area code for Manhattan), inspired the brand to be all about New York—its history, architecture and culture. The brand identity is a simple,
contemporary, bold design. The typeface, Rockwell, is an American slab serif developed in the 1930s that resembles the typeface used by The New York Times.

Bottle labels use images of New York; the designs stand out individually and work together as a family of beers under the 212 name.

To follow were designs for a website, glassware, tap handle, clothing, business cards, bottles and packaging, and a multi-location photo shoot.

212 Flat Iron Ale is available on tap across various hotels and restaurants in New York City.